• For Account Managers, BDMs & Sales Executives

Why Attend?

Benefit from the National Sales Academy (NSA18)

Forged upon the request of from the delegates of the National Sales Conference (NSC18), the UK's only independent sales conference, the National Sales Academy (NSA18) offers you the opportunity to improve the results of both your sales team and the individuals within.

This event is specifically designed to give your sales performance and therefore your career a boost. If you're a sales professional with a growth mindset and a desire to 'be better' this event is a MUST for you. Not only will you receive motivational content, but we offer a programme that really drills down into the how you function as a sales person and of course how you can improve.

Advantages of a High-Performing Sales Professional:

  • Excellent career prospects

  • Increased earning potential

  • Rewards for success

  • Empowerment

  • Acknowledgement & recognition

  • Independence

  • On-going personal development

  • Stability & job security

  • New product development

  • Direct customer / client contact

  • Strategic decision making 

Why Should You Attend?

This event provides insight, new techniques, easy to apply take-away tips and much more all with the purpose of improving the performance of sales professionals:

  • Learn proven sales techniques that achieve better results

  • Source new or alternative products and solutions to enhance your sales performance

  • Gain business advice from independent experts & thought leaders to maximise your sales results

  • Generate new business leads

  • Network with prospects and colleagues


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